A team of 15 doctors and technicians along with a total of 36 volunteers in terms of our members, annes, IWC members and Rotaractors, duly spaced were active for a period of almost 6 hours of the camp which involved testing for Oral cancer, dental care, physician check up, Blood test, general body check-up, gynec check & history and finally the HPV test. A total of 6 tests with an avg patient in-out time of 15-18 minutes saw the camp test 140 women during the camp duration,

sponsoring a meal for 100 such women/parent who are attending to their child at Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children, and that too for the entire month of August 2019.

Aryan School

V.T. Station

Gateway of India

RCBHG organised eye check camp at Bordi Village, some 55 kms from Akola. There were 410 registration of which a whooping 141 were found to have cataract. They were refered to Damani Eye Hospital at Akola where Cataract surgeries will be done free of cost. Totally 750 surgeries will be done this year.