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Vandana Mehta
Club President
Vandana Mehta is a highly skilled professional artist and curator. She is also a Director at Vijayraj Jewellers. Vandana's entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen are exemplified through her ownership of V M Jewels, specializing in gold jewelry export.and is also a member of the Indian Bullion and Jewellery Association. Vandana is also an established financial consultant, providing expertise in wealth creation. She has received the Navratna award from the KYC association and is involved with NGOs like the Cancer Patients Aid Association. Vandana is supported by a loving and accomplished family. Her husband is a director at Vijayraj Jewellers, Their son holds a MS in Technological Entrepreneurship and her one daughter is a Dental Surgeon and Sleep Consultant, another is the Founder of Solar Desk and holds a Masters in Renewable Energy, and the third is currently pursuing a Masters in Orthopedic Surgery. Vandana joined Rotary in the year 2015 and have held various posts in the Club’s BOD. For the year 2023-24 Vandana Mehta is the President of the Rotary Club of Hanging Garden.